Periods and Pregnancy

When a woman is concerned about an unplanned pregnancy, getting her period can be a huge relief. Traditionally getting your period is a sign that you are not pregnant. The problem is that some women can have bleeding during their pregnancy. Early pregnancy bleeding can trick a woman into thinking she had her period when

5 Tips About Exercise and Pregnancy

It seems summer’s sunshine is not fading. Here we are in November, and forecasters are predicting Casper temperatures to be in the mid to upper 60s for the next several days. We seem to be experiencing a “forever fall” this autumn season! This should be a great weekend for pregnant women, families, and others to get outdoors

What to Expect from Your First True Care Appointment

For many women, going to a medical clinic that specializes in reproductive services can cause anxiety and uncertainty, especially if she is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. At True Care Women’s Resource Center, the licensed medical professionals and compassionate advocates with whom our patients meet create an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance. We have a relaxing