No-Cost Pregnancy Testing

If you think you might be facing an unexpected pregnancy due to a missed period or a positive at-home test, your next step is to confirm medically you are pregnant.

True Care provides no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound services to verify pregnancy and determine how far along the pregnancy may be.

Why should I come in for pregnancy testing?

Up to 20% of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. The number is actually higher because many miscarriages happen before a woman knows she’s pregnant.  As a result, a positive home pregnancy test is not always conclusive.

Schedule an appointment with True Care today to get the most accurate pregnancy testing results.

What to expect during your Pregnancy Test appointment:

  1. You will meet with a nurse who will review your complete medical history.
  2. The nurse will then perform a urine pregnancy test and provide you with your pregnancy test results. The goal of each True Care nurse is to learn about and understand your entire situation to provide you with the highest level of professional medical care.
  3. Next, you meet with your advocate so she understands your specific situation. She will listen to your concerns and provide you with education about all of your pregnancy options.
  4. Your advocate will begin creating your personalized list of specific resources to meet your unique needs.

If I’m pregnant, what comes next?

Following a positive pregnancy test result at True Care, we’ll offer you a no-cost ultrasound appointment to medically confirm the viability of your pregnancy. An ultrasound procedure will provide you with valuable information you will need to consider your options properly.

If you are considering making an adoption plan or parenting, you will meet with our Resource Coordinator, who will review your personalized list of referrals and go over other resources you may need, including pre-eligibility for Medicaid insurance.

At True Care, we offer no-cost, judgment-free services to women who are or think they might be pregnant. Schedule an appointment today for no-cost pregnancy testing.