For many women, going to a medical clinic that specializes in reproductive services can cause anxiety and uncertainty, especially if she is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. At True Care Women’s Resource Center, the licensed medical professionals and compassionate advocates with whom our patients meet create an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance. We have a relaxing waiting room with comfortable chairs, and our receptionist provides bottled water to help quench your thirst.

What goes on during the first appointment?

There are two segments to your first appointment: the meeting with your advocate and the meeting with your nurse.

When you meet with your advocate, she will perform a brief situational assessment, asking you a few questions about your situation and your thoughts about possibly being pregnant. Should your pregnancy test return positive, the advocate then goes over your pregnancy options, including giving you a brochure about abortion procedures and the various potential risks and side effects. She will also provide you with your own Personalized Referral List, giving you many community and other resources you may need. This will be a very informative meeting that aims to give you confidence in whatever decision you make concerning your unplanned pregnancy. At True Care, we believe that if you know your options and the resources available to you, then you are empowered for and confident in your future.

Next, you will meet with your nurse. She will answer any medical questions you may have concerning your pregnancy. She will perform a pregnancy test, and if the result is positive, she may offer you an ultrasound exam to confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are. Your nurse will also offer you the opportunity to be tested for certain STDs (sexually transmitted diseases); the results will be available the following week.

Can I bring anyone to my appointment?

Yes, you may bring someone with whom you feel comfortable to your appointment, whether that be a brother or sister, friend, your mom or dad, or significant other. However, please be aware that, in an effort to comply with HIPAA Privacy Standards and to provide the highest quality of care, the initial part of your appointment will be done without any guests. With your permission and approval from your nurse, guests may be invited to join you part way through your ultrasound exam.

The most important thing to remember is that your advocate and nurse want to give you the most accurate and relevant information possible so that you can make your own informed choice with confidence. We want you to feel comfortable and not pressured by anyone, free to share your thoughts and feelings about your situation so that we can offer you the best care and the most relevant resources available.

We take a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing your physical, emotional and spiritual health. All of our services are FREE.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call the True Care Scheduling Line at 307-215-9684.