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If you have taken the first pill of the medical abortion series (within the last 72 hours) and are experiencing regret, it may not be too late. For women who change their minds after taking the first pill and wish to reverse the effects, we offer abortion pill reversal services. 

How To Reverse The Abortion Pill

The first pill of medical abortion, mifepristone, terminates a pregnancy by cutting off the supply of progesterone. An abortion pill reversal introduces a surplus of progesterone into the woman’s system to allow the pregnancy to continue, but you must contact us immediately.   

This procedure only works if you have taken the first pill of the abortion pill series and have not taken the second pill, misoprostol. If you have already taken the second pill, an abortion pill reversal will not work and is no longer an option. 

Want an Abortion Pill Reversal? You must act quickly!

We are here to help. If you want to reverse the effects after taking the first half of the abortion pill, contact us immediately or call the national abortion pill reversal hotline to be connected with a provider in your area. 

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Abortion Pill Reversal FAQs

How much does an abortion pill reversal cost? 

At True Care, we offer all our services at no cost to you. It costs $0 for abortion pill reversal at True Care Women’s Resource Center.

Is abortion pill reversal real? 

Yes, abortion pill reversal is real. While no treatment is 100 percent effective, abortion pill reversal is becoming more widely available and has been used to reverse the effects of mifepristone in many cases. 

Is abortion pill reversal safe? 

Abortion pill reversal is a safe way to reverse the effect of abortion if the first pill has been taken. However, you should always consult a medical professional before any procedure. 

If you have taken the first pill of the abortion pill series, it may not be too late. Contact us today to schedule your abortion pill reversal. 

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