For many people, the past few weeks have been filled with busyness, excitement, and laughter, maybe even some parties. Perhaps you hooked up with a good-looking guy and now you’ve missed your period. You’re wondering if you might be pregnant. Concern and anxiety fill you as you consider the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. True Care in Casper, Wyoming is here for moments such as these.

When faced with a possible unplanned pregnancy, it’s common to consider having an abortion. However, the emotions and side-effects associated with that choice could be stronger and more serious than you anticipated, including possible doubts and fears about ending a pregnancy. If you’re not sure that abortion is right for you, take some time and get informed about all of your optionsAbortion alternatives are parenting and adoption. Many factors, such as your current medical condition, future reproductive health goals, personal experience, and spiritual beliefs, will all greatly influence your decision. However, external pressures should not. Sometimes a hasty decision is made because the people in your life pressure you into a choice you aren’t comfortable with. This is your choice; don’t let someone else tell you what to do or what is best for you (read our blog post about abortion coercion).

Selecting a health care provider that specializes in unplanned pregnancy and supports your autonomy is a great first step. Be aware that facilities which provide abortion services may profit financially from your decision. A good medical provider will make your health and future a top priority. True Care provides confidential medical services, unbiased information, nonjudgmental support, and free services. We do not profit from your pregnancy decision. Often, women who were once seriously considering abortion leave feeling empowered enough to carry their babies to term – but the choice is always theirs. We provide confirmation of a woman’s pregnancy and determine how far along she is by ultrasound, for the first question a woman needs an answer to is “Am I really pregnant?” True Care provides that answer through our professionally-trained, registered nurses. We also offer resources, including presumptive eligibility for Medicaid and referrals to many community agencies.

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