Women Helping Women

Are women their sisters’ keeper? Many would say yes. Women are relational – their instinct is to be compassionate and caring. If your best friend or sister is experiencing a crisis, like a health concern or a work issue, you are there for her, listening, helping, encouraging. And, if you’re the woman having a problem,

You Might be a Phubber!

Are you a phubber? Not sure? Well, you may be a phubber if you do any of the following: -scroll through your phone rather than talk to the person next to you. -check your email during a lull in the conversation, -frequently glance at your phone when someone is trying to tell you something, -hold your phone

What We See on Ultrasound in the 1st Trimester

Women experiencing unplanned pregnancies come to True Care to find out about their pregnancy options, get resources, and confirm the viabilty of their pregnancies. Viabilty means we can see a baby with a heart beat in the mom’s uterus.  Many of our patients are suprised to see a heart beating in the 5th week of

What is “The Clap?”

While sitting at a local diner, you overhear a conversation directly behind you.  “Did you know Ja— (too garbled to hear the name) has the clap? His poor girlfriend.  I knew he was bad news from the get go.  Oh how terrible.” You can’t quite hear the name but you definitely hear that word “Clap.”  

Abortion at Home: Is It Safe?

During the past few years, websites for purchasing abortion pills via the internet have sprung up. Currently, it’s illegal for anyone living in the United States to receive abortion drugs through an internet site. However, a group of researchers conducted a study a few years ago by which they obtained abortion medication and published the results last

What is True Care and What Can We Do For You?

True Care Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit organization that helps women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We offer medical services, including limited obstetrical ultrasound and STD testing and treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea, and we provide education on all three pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, and parenting). We also provide a listing of community resources to help

Meth: A Life Ruiner

In 1998, Rodger McDaniel, a well-known Wyoming legislator, was awoken in the middle of the night by his son because his 16 year-old daughter was sick.  He was shocked to find out she had been taking drugs and had overdosed on methamphetamine.  This was a young lady who was a wonderful cellist and a leader in

Can I get Pregnant on Birth Control Pills?

Can I Get Pregnant on Birth Control Pills? Some of our patients are shocked to learn they are pregnant because they have been on birth control and thought they were protected. What happened? Can you really get pregnant while taking hormonal birth control pills? Birth control failure can and does happen.  Here is a list of contraception

Could you be one of “Those People,” who get STDs?

Breanna sat on the end of the exam table waiting for her second ultrasound.  She was nervous and excited to see her baby on the screen. The nurse said, “I need to go over your STD results with you first before the ultrasound.” Breanna forgot she signed up for free STD testing last week at

Starting Summer with a Pregnancy? 10 Tips to Help You Cope with the Heat

Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away, the kickoff to the summer season. And though Wyoming may not be as warm as other places right now, we all know that the hot weather will arrive. If you’re pregnant, or know someone who is, the hot (and at times humid) months of summer can