Are women their sisters’ keeper? Many would say yes. Women are relational – their instinct is to be compassionate and caring. If your best friend or sister is experiencing a crisis, like a health concern or a work issue, you are there for her, listening, helping, encouraging. And, if you’re the woman having a problem, who do you generally go to for advice or comfort? A sister, a female confidant. We women enjoy being in community together and we rely upon each other.

Several organizations and individuals come to together in April to celebrate the relationship women have with one another. The program is called Women Helping Women Heal, and it was started in 2015 by attorney and speaker Nichole Huffman. Each week of the month the project focuses on a different topic: Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom from Abuse. April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women will be raped at some time in their lives. Places like Casper’s Self Help Center assist women who have been sexually assaulted and who are trying to leave a domestic violence situation. These organizations are most often staffed by women concerned for women in their community who are or have experienced these troubling situations.

Similarly, True Care staff and volunteers are women who want to help women; we are here for those experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Our advocates and nurses meet with these women to offer them a listening ear, provide them relevant education on their pregnancy options, offer them medical services (including pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment, and ultrasound for those with positive pregnancy tests), and provide relevant community resources. We also offer parenting programs for our patients and abortion healing programs for women (and men) who have had an abortion experience and suffer regret and guilt over that decision. All of our services are free.

For more than 30 years, True Care has provided comfort, care, answers, and alternatives as well as resources and medical services. We are women helping women in our community who experience unplanned pregnancies. If you are such a woman, if you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or if you know someone who is, contact our Scheduling Line by calling or texting 307-215-9684 and make your free appointment today.