True Care Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit organization that helps women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We offer medical services, including limited obstetrical ultrasound and STD testing and treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea, and we provide education on all three pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, and parenting). We also provide a listing of community resources to help our patients, with referrals to physicians, employment training, parenting programs, food banks, counselors, safe houses, and other resources patients may need, depending upon their circumstances.


True Care has been part of the Casper, Wyoming community for more than 30 years. Known then as The Caring Center, our focus has always been on women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We’ve never lost sight of the needs, fears, and concerns of women who have an unplanned pregnancy.

More than 10 years ago, we became a medical clinic; Dr. Sam Scaling is our medical director, and our nurses, who are all R.N.s, are professionally trained to provide the medical services True Care offers: pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, and STD testing and treatment for two common sexually transmitted diseases in Natrona County: chlamydia and gonorrhea. Our services are relevant to our patients, providing answers to the following questions: (1) Am I really pregnant? (2) How far along am I? (3) Do I have an STD?

These questions are relevant to a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, especially if she is considering an abortion. The questions are important because (1) Knowing if she’s actually pregnant helps her know if she really needs to go through an abortion procedure; (2) Knowing how far along she is helps her know what type of procedure she would likely have – medical (pills) or surgical (more invasive); (3) If she has an active STD and is not treated, that disease can affect the abortion procedure and her future fertility.

Since its inception, True Care has never charged for services provided; we still offer our services free of charge to our patients.

What Else We Do

True Care provides education all on three pregnancy options, providing factual information on abortion, adoption, and parenting. Through the brochures we provide and the opportunity to talk with an advocate and a nurse, a woman receives the education she needs to make an informed decision about her pregnancy. We offer no judgement; in fact, many of our previous patients, including those who have had an abortion, return to us during a future pregnancy.

Here are some things recent patients said about True Care:

  • “Helpful, kind, non-judgmental, informative”
  • “Helpful – they give out all options”
  • “Welcoming atmosphere, lovely, helpful people”
  • “Great atmosphere, helpful, comfortable”
  • “Great services, super friendly”
  • “Very helpful and caring”

We provide various programs to help our patients including our Early KinCare Pregnancy Resource Program and our Baby & Me parenting program, both run by RNs. Perhaps a patient doesn’t have insurance; our Early KinCare Pregnancy Resource Coordinator can help her sign up for Medicaid. Perhaps a patient needs to quit smoking; again, our Resource Coordinator can recommend a program to help her. Whether a woman wants to continue her education, find a job, or needs housing, our Resource Coordinator can assist. Our patients (and their parenting partner) needing pregnancy education can sign up for our parenting program where they learn about what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth. Some of the education they receive includes nutrition, safe pregnancy, child birth, and infant care/feeding for when the baby is born. Upon successful completion of the program, they receive a helpful gift such as a crib or gift card.  Should a woman decide adoption is her best option, we can put her in touch with the three licensed adoption agencies in Wyoming.

No matter a woman’s choice regarding her pregnancy, abortion, adoption, or parenting, True Care does not profit from her decision. Thanks to the commitment of our staff and volunteers and the support of our generous donors, True Care is here for any woman in our community who is experiencing an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy.

If you are that woman or you know someone who is, we are here to help. Contact our Scheduling Line by calling or texting 307-215-9684 to make an appointment.