You Might be a Phubber!

Are you a phubber? Not sure? Well, you may be a phubber if you do any of the following: -scroll through your phone rather than talk to the person next to you. -check your email during a lull in the conversation, -frequently glance at your phone when someone is trying to tell you something, -hold your phone

Money Management Tips for Women

Lack of income and finances are some reasons many women consider abortion when facing an unplanned pregnancy. This is true whether the woman is married or not. April is Financial Literacy Month. However, no matter the day, the week, the month, or the year, most of us can use tips for managing our finances. Money Management

If You are Feeling Thankful, don’t Forget the Giving in Thanksgiving

So many thankfulness posts all over social media as we get closer to Thanksgiving … can you believe it’s next week? As we begin the Holiday Season and the stores play cheery music and put up giant displays, you can almost feel the holiday spirit in the air.  Although we may feel excited, for some

Meth: A Life Ruiner

In 1998, Rodger McDaniel, a well-known Wyoming legislator, was awoken in the middle of the night by his son because his 16 year-old daughter was sick.  He was shocked to find out she had been taking drugs and had overdosed on methamphetamine.  This was a young lady who was a wonderful cellist and a leader in

Back-to-School and Violence Awareness

August and September are known as back-to-school months. Casper College and the University of Wyoming begin next week, and Natrona County Public Schools start after Labor Day. While there can be a lot of excitement as well as some anxiety with the resuming of classes, there is also another, darker aspect of going back to

The Challenges and Joys of Change

Change – we all face it, and it comes in many forms. Our minds and bodies change as we pursue education, as we age, diet, or exercise. We move so we adapt to new neighborhoods and make new friends. Change can be voluntary, such as hair color or style, losing weight, obtaining a new job.

Life Eclipsed

Did you know that when there is a total eclipse, chickens and other animals actually think it is night and change their behavior accordingly? Check out this story about chickensduring a solar eclipse.  The light dims and then disappears leaving the animals confused.  They do whatever they can to get back on schedule.  The poor little

5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips

The feasting holiday is nearly here! In a few days, millions of Americans will gather around the dinner table for a large meal (or two!). Most everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving meal, but for those preparing the food, it can be a stressful time, and, as one of the largest meals prepared all year, there is

Back to School Time!

Summer is waning and classrooms are on the horizon. Fall semester at Casper College begins on Monday, August 22, and the Natrona County Public School starts the following week, on August 31. Where did the time go, and are you ready for school to begin? Back to College If you’re a college student, there are

Pregnant Bikers?

With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally going on we are seeing more bikers riding through town, and national motorcycle week begins Sunday, August 9th.   Do you ever wonder about pregnant bikers? I’m picturing maternity chaps and leathers, headbands, boots, and maybe even a sign hanging from the back of the Harley: baby on board.  Is it even safe to ride