Summer is waning and classrooms are on the horizon. Fall semester at Casper College begins on Monday, August 22, and the Natrona County Public School starts the following week, on August 31. Where did the time go, and are you ready for school to begin?

Back to College

If you’re a college student, there are many pieces of practical advice for having a successful school year. Those include carefully choosing the classes you take, starting to study as soon as possible, making positive connections quickly, not hiding in the back of the room, and establishing healthy habits (eating, sleeping, etc). Picking the courses that interest you and that will help you with your major, and in life, and hitting the books and setting a routine study habit will help guide you toward good grades, which future employers consider when hiring in professional markets. Keeping yourself healthy with diet, exercise, and sleep can also significantly contribute to your success in college. And, though it’s great to have fun and be with friends, keep your future in mind as you make your way through college life.

If you are a current student or are considering becoming a student at Casper College, the institution offers a plethora of information on its website, including information on how to pay for college. Visit to learn more.

A Welcome Back BarBQ takes place on Sunday, August 21. Learn more at

Keep your safety in mind as you prepare for college. About 37% of female rape victims are between the ages of 18 and 24. Date rape drugs are frequently used at parties and bars so be aware of how to keep yourself safe from sexual assault. Read safety tips here. Also visit this website for more information on safety:

If you have been assaulted or know someone who was, seek help. True Care offers free pregnancy and limited std (sexually transmitted disease) testing in a confidential, compassionate setting and can provide victims with relevant resources such as counseling and victim advocacy.

Natrona County School District

For those attending classes in the Natrona County School District, encouragement by and involvement of parents is vital to youngsters succeeding in school. For example, meeting those who will teach your kids, helping children with their homework, attending the child’s extracurricular activities such as ball games and music recitals, setting up a regular schedule, and providing quiet time for your children to study and do homework – all of these endeavors keep your child engaged in learning.

If you are a student or the parent of a child attending any of the public schools in Natrona County, visit the District’s website for a variety of informational pieces, including the academic calendar and a list of school supplies needed for students attending the different schools. A Back to School Bash will be held this Saturday, August 20 at the Boys and Girls Club, starting at 9 a.m. Learn more at

The U.S. Department of Education provides a publication for parents titled “Helping Your Child Succeed in School,” which includes a variety of activities appropriate for elementary-aged children:

So as summer winds down and classes start up, may all Casper students, families, and educators find this academic year to be the best one ever!