Change – we all face it, and it comes in many forms. Our minds and bodies change as we pursue education, as we age, diet, or exercise. We move so we adapt to new neighborhoods and make new friends. Change can be voluntary, such as hair color or style, losing weight, obtaining a new job. Change can be involuntary and out of our control: parents divorcing, someone we care about (friend or significant other) leaving the relationship, even being laid-off from a job.

How do we react to change? Oftentimes that depends on what we think the end result might be. For instance, a promotion at work, or even getting a different job, might result in a salary increase, and therefore, the change is seen as positive, possibly exciting. Other life events, like the demise of a relationship, can hurt and break a person’s heart; these changes are perceived as negative and unwelcome.

Types of Change

Pregnancy is a big a change. Again, it can be seen as positive or negative. Some women and their partners view an unexpected pregnancy as something to be frightened of and unwanted; others see pregnancy, even an unplanned one, as a joy and opportunity to not only give life, but to love beyond themselves. As one of our former patients stated not long ago, “My baby saved my life.” Having her son to love and dote upon, focusing on his needs and experiencing the dazzling smile he constantly gives her, are the reasons she says this baby helped her hurdle over drug addiction and low self-esteem.

True Care is here to help women facing unplanned pregnancies navigate the waters of options and the joys and challenges of this unexpected event in their lives. Contact our Scheduling Line for a free appointment.

Pregnancy and childbirth bring big changes. These may include child support. Whether one hopes to collect child support or is required to pay it, caring for a child and co-parenting can be stressful and challenging.  True Care Women’s Resource Center will host a program called Navigating Child Support. This free event is open to both men and women and features speakers from Wyoming’s Child Support Enforcement Program who will also answer questions. Reservations are required and food will be provided. Please call the True Care office at 472-2810 on or before Tuesday, August 22, to register.

Whether a person is facing an unplanned pregnancy, moving, or starting a new career or school, there are challenges as well as joys in the change. According to a report created by the military, “Accepting a sudden, unexpected change can be one of the most difficult challenges in life. You want to have control over the situation and make everything better, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t control some things. A better way to cope is to accept an uncontrollable change for what it is. When you accept the reality that you do not have full control over what happens in life, then it becomes easier to cope. “

Eclipse Change

Change is coming to Casper in a few short days with the Solar Eclipse, which is expected to bring thousands of additional people to town. Increased traffic, crowds at stores, concerts and other activities will test our patience, among other things. The added numbers of people will also benefit our community in a variety of ways. Even the wonderment of this rare, natural phenomenon will bring both challenges and joys to our community and individuality.

Change can eclipse your life (see last week’s blog post), but it can do so in positive and negative ways; oftentimes, you get to choose which that will be. As the eclipse arrives on Monday, take the time to breathe, bask, and ponder – enjoy the positive (joy) and reject the negative (challenge), both of the event and of what’s transpiring in your life. Reach out to others for help if needed, including contacting True Care for the services we provide. And, if you know someone who needs help traversing the waters of pregnancy or child support, encourage them to contact us to receive the assistance and answers needed.

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