This is national Volunteer Appreciation Week, and True Care thanks the many compassionate volunteers and staff members who serve the nearly 400 patients we see annually.

Professional, Caring People

Not only do we have registered nurses on staff, but some of our volunteers are retired or active nursing professionals. Each one understands the choices available to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.  They are able to educate patients on the potential risks of various pregnancy choices and possible risks from untreated sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). The ultrasound training given to our nursing staff allows our patients to receive up-to-date and medically accurate information about their own pregnancy.

Our advocates who meet with patients have a heart for helping women in need: those who need to know they are pregnant, who need to know their options for an unplanned pregnancy, and who need and want to learn how to be the best mom possible. True Care offers a long-term program called Baby & Me, and the advocates who meet with women participating in the program help young moms-to-be through the various educational classes, videos, and handouts done through the program.

Some of our volunteers and staff members have experienced an abortion in their past. They can speak with patients who are considering abortion, letting them know of their own experiences and answering questions patients may have. Patients don’t have to feel no one at True Care understands their circumstances or feelings because several of our volunteers and staff have been there: experiencing fear, uncertainty, and pressure, and they have knowledge of the abortion experience.

Having Hearts for Women

Each staff member and volunteer who meets with patients possesses a compassionate, loving heart; they are at True Care to serve women who experience an unplanned pregnancy, with a mission of transforming fears into confidence. Through listening ears, medical knowledge, and resource listings, they help our patients during an unexpected journey, effectively and excellently serving women who come to our Center.

What Patients Say

Here are some of the more recent comments patients gave as to the service they received from True Care’s volunteers and staff:

“very helpful and supportive”

“helpful and understanding”

“caring, efficient, lots of resources”

“excellent, caring, knowledgeable, and sincere”

“informative, helpful, friendly, and professional”

National Volunteer Appreciation Week celebrates the millions of people who make their communities better through volunteerism. True Care joins that celebration — we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU! to each volunteer and staff member who serves the women of Casper and beyond with excellence.