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Know Your Options

At True Care, we offer a comprehensive look at each of your options, giving you all the facts so that you’re truly empowered to make the best possible decision for you. We provide no-cost and confidential options consultations so that you can get the information you need before you make a decision.


Abortion is a medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. Make sure you read through our abortion safety checklist before scheduling an appointment for an abortion procedure to ensure you’re as safe and healthy as possible. There are also a number of risks to be aware of that one of our trained patient advocates will be able to discuss with you during an options consultation.

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Adoption, like any of the options, is a very difficult decision to make. However, it does allow for something truly beautiful and selfless to come from a difficult situation. One of our patient advocates would be happy to sit down and discuss the adoption process with you, including how much you would be in control of.

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Parenting can seem overwhelming even to those who have planned their pregnancies. Many women do not feel ready or capable of parenting, when really, they would make wonderful parents to their children. During your appointment, we can sit down and talk about some of your concerns, as well as come up with solutions to them.

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It’s Your Choice

At True Care, we aim to inform you of each option – and how each one can be and is a possibility for you. Our hope is that you step into the decision-making process without feeling trapped or fearful but empowered so that you can make the best possible decision for you.

Schedule your appointment for an options consultation today to get informed about each of your options.

You are capable
of more than you know.