Ordering Abortion Pills Online is Risky Business – Part 2

At-home abortions and ordering abortion pills online are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Marketing to American women is on the rise, even though selling and buying abortion pills online is illegal in the United States. There are many possible risks to a woman’s health if she attempts an at-home abortion, something companies which sell

DIY Abortion – Don’t Risk Your Health and Life!

In areas like Wyoming where access to abortion is not readily available, some women may search online for “natural” or Do-It-Yourself methods. Researching such topics will provide a plethora of information; however, a woman must ask herself if her future health and fertility, even her life, are worth the risk. Even attempting a DIY abortion

What Should I Expect After an Abortion

What should I expect after an Abortion? Are you thinking about having an abortion but don’t know what to expect after the procedure? Here is some great information to help you plan for your recovery. Abortion is a medical/surgical procedure, and your body will need to go through a recovery process. Plan to take a