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Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Prevention As we near the end of May we think of summer vacation, graduations, award ceremonies, and moving on to new adventures. Teen pregnancy isn’t usually at the top of our list of things to ponder, and yet May is actually National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Most people can agree that teen pregnancy, … Continued

True Care is getting a 3D ultrasound

True Care is pleased to announce we are upgrading our machine to include 3D Ultrasound!  Our software is already installed in the machine.  We are so excited and are in the process of setting up specialized 3D training so we can learn how to use our new software.  So what is the difference between our … Continued

Abandoned Babies and Safe Haven Laws

Abandoned Infants Just a few weeks ago, a recycling plant worker in the state of New York made a ghastly discovery.   She found the body of a newborn baby in a plastic bag at her work.   The death has been ruled a homicide and police are trying to find the mother.  In Germany, a woman was tracked … Continued

Adverse Pregnancy Diagnoses

Most pregnancies go smoothly and end with the birth of a healthy baby.   However, there are all sorts of things that can and do go wrong during the development of an unborn baby. Pregnancy and birth should be a joyful time. Moms expect their children to be born without defects.  But tragically things can go wrong.  … Continued

The Adoption Option

Thus far, we have looked at the options of abortion and parenting. This week, we will take a look at the final option; the adoption option. As with parenting, adoption requires carrying the pregnancy to term and delivering the baby.  To lovingly choose adoption can be a very mature choice. A woman experiencing an unplanned … Continued

Options: Parenting

A mother and her baby after she chose to be a parent

For a woman who decides to carry her pregnancy to term, there are two options: to parent or to create an adoption plan. Today we’ll focus on the choice to parent. Choosing this option can seem overwhelming at first.   Parenting involves carrying the pregnancy to term and delivering the baby as well as loving, nurturing … Continued

Options: Abortion

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy can either carry the pregnancy to term  (parent or make an adoption plan) or they can have an abortion which ends the pregnancy.  This is a very difficult choice for many women.  In a woman’s mind, all of her options have some advantages and disadvantages that she must sort through so that … Continued

Unplanned Pregnancy

Crisis Pregnancy… This can’t be happening! This is a nightmare! What will he say?  What will my parents say…they will be so disappointed. Everyone will call me names. How will I finish school or keep my job? I wish this could all just go away and be undone! Unplanned Pregnancy For some people a pregnancy … Continued

Tiny Hearts

Continuing with our heart theme for healthy heart month we want to take a look at the tiniest human hearts…those little developing hearts inside the womb. The human heart is an amazing organ that pumps life sustaining blood throughout the body.  The heart is so important for life that it is the very first organ … Continued

Morning After Pill: What’s the Big Deal?

The Morning after Pill is another name for something called emergency contraception (EC).  It is medication that you take after unprotected sex to try to prevent pregnancy. There are a few different types such as Plan B One- Step, Next Choice, or Ella. Both Plan B and Next Choice use the medication levonorgestril (a high … Continued

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