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Can I Still be Pregnant Even if I got my Period?

Question:  Can I still be pregnant even if I got my period? When a woman is concerned about an unplanned pregnancy, getting her period can be a huge relief.   Traditionally getting your period is a sign that you are not pregnant. The problem is that some women can have bleeding during their pregnancy.  Early pregnancy … Continued

Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy, Part 2

Last week we talked a bit about True Care and the services we provide for women in and around Natrona County who experience an unplanned pregnancy. We highlighted the options a woman has for her pregnancy and provided some information about abortion. This week, we’ll look at the option of carrying to term and the … Continued

Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy

You believe you’re pregnant. You’ve taken 10 pregnancy tests at home, hoping the first nine were mistaken and really didn’t show a positive result. After that 10th positive reading and the constant churning in your stomach and chewing on your lip, you decide it’s time to learn for sure – what do you do?  Where … Continued

Single Mom: Why Include Dad in your Child’s Life?

Single Mom: Why Include Dad in your Child’s Life? Are you a single mom and think the biological father of your baby isn’t worthy to be a part of your child’s life? He isn’t responsible, has a bad lifestyle or maybe he cheated on you?  Maybe the dad isn’t stepping up to the plate as … Continued

Four Things Girls Need to Know about their Period

Four Things Girls Need to Know About Their Period. Why do I have to get a period (menstruation)? Often times we think getting our period is annoying and gross and something we would rather not have to deal with each month. While it may be inconvenient and sometimes lead to embarrassing stories and accidents, menstruation is an … Continued

What Should I Expect After an Abortion

A young woman sitting in front of a window wondering what to expect after an abortion

What should I expect after an Abortion? Are you thinking about having an abortion but don’t know what to expect after the procedure? Here is some great information to help you plan for your recovery. Abortion is a medical/surgical procedure, and your body will need to go through a recovery process. Plan to take a … Continued

Should LARC be a Woman’s First Choice for Pregnancy Prevention?

Many agencies are working hard to prevent unplanned (especially teen) pregnancies.  There has been a lot of push towards something called LARC. What is LARC? Isn’t it a bird? No, the bird is called a Lark, not a LARC. LARC is an acronym that stands for Long Acting Reversible Contraception. Common contraceptives that fall under … Continued

I Would Know if I had an STD, Right?

I Would Know if I had an STD, Right? The truth is, most people don’t really think bad stuff will happen to them.  STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) just happen to other people in statistics.  And you are pretty smart.  You would know if your boyfriend or girlfriend had an STD, right?  And wouldn’t you know … Continued

4 Reasons You Need a Confirmation Ultrasound for Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Why get a Confirmation Ultrasound? True Care patients with a positive pregnancy test who meet certain medical criteria are routinely offered an ultrasound to provide important information about their pregnancy.  While many women are excited to have an ultrasound and see their unborn baby, some women, especially if they are considering the option of abortion, … Continued

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