Do you volunteer or have you ever thought about volunteering for a worthy cause? Volunteers give their time to support organizations they care about. They build houses for Habitat for Humanity, rescue and foster pets for animal shelters and pet rescue groups, and cook for and/or feed the hungry for rescue missions. All of this work is important, and without volunteers, most non-profit organizations couldn’t accomplish their work.

True Care is a non-profit, and therefore relies heavily on volunteers. More than 20 amazing community-minded people assist True Care’s staff in various ways. Some volunteer as patient advocates, meeting one-on-one with women who come in for pregnancy tests and pregnancy options consultation. Others make follow-up calls, checking in with patients to see how they’re doing. Some people volunteer to help with fundraising events and with data entry. We also have volunteers who work behind-the-scenes, making photocopies and sending thank-you letters to donors (who provide the money to keep True Care’s doors open).

Because we don’t charge for our services and we rely on donations to provide excellent patient care, our volunteers play an integral role in helping our paid staff. The nurses who run the pregnancy tests, conduct the STD testing (and treatment as needed), and administer the ultrasound are licensed, professional women and True Care paid staff members. They work alongside the volunteer advocates who educate the patients on their pregnancy options and provide patients with a community referral list. No matter their role, all True Care volunteers do what they do because they care.

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month. True Care appreciates all of our volunteers. So do patients. Here are some comments by women who have recently come into our center and met with our advocates, nurses, and other staff and volunteer:

  • “friendly people, make you feel comfortable”
  • “caring and compassionate”
  • “provides a therapeutic environment for those unsure of what the next step is”
  • “great service, very helpful”
  • “a kind, safe environment”

For more than 30 years, True Care staff and volunteers have been serving the community of Casper, meeting the needs of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. A few of our volunteers have been with us for 20+ years, and one of our advocates was recently honored for her 10th year of service. These people care – they care about our patients, otherwise they wouldn’t be here, certainly not for a decade or more. They care about you – the woman searching for answers regarding her pregnancy. Through their donation of time and money, they show compassion and commitment, commitment to our services and the women (and men) we serve. They want you to have the opportunity to come here, learn your pregnancy options, have medical services performed by professionally-trained staff nurses, receive resources you may not know about, and be shown compassion, encouragement, and care.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or know someone who is, our volunteers and staff are here to help. Contact our Scheduling Line by phone or text (307-215-9684) and make your free appointment today.