Crisis Pregnancy…

This can’t be happening!

This is a nightmare!

What will he say?  What will my parents say…they will be so disappointed.

Everyone will call me names.

How will I finish school or keep my job?

I wish this could all just go away and be undone!

Unplanned Pregnancy

For some people a pregnancy is an exciting and welcome time, but for others it can be shocking and scary.  A woman may have many fears about how a baby will effect her life and what people will think about her.  Will her boyfriend leave her?  Will her parents kick her out?  Will kids at school call her names?  Can she afford to care for a baby?  Does she even want to be a parent?


First of all, it is important to understand that when a woman gets pregnant, there is no going back.  She can’t make it “go away so that it never happened.” She must face the reality that she is pregnant.  Now she has to figure out how she will move forward.  Whatever pregnancy option a woman chooses will have long term effects on her future.

So what are her options?

There are three basic pregnancy options available for women who get pregnant.  The options are:  to parent, to place the baby with an adoptive family, or to have an abortion.

Over the next few weeks we will take a hard look at each option. A woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy may not see any option that looks good at the time.  She needs information and help sorting through her concerns and feelings.   True Care is here to walk along side her through the decision making process and to provide her with the information and resources she needs.  We want her to find the hope and strength to make a decision she can be proud of without regrets.