Jade lives in England. She took the first abortion pill, and immediately regretted that decision. Like hundreds of women in her situation, she searched online for the answer to her question: “Can I reverse the abortion pill?” and found the abortion pill reversal (APR) website. She contacted the hotline number and was put in touch with a physician in her area. The doctor used progesterone, a natural hormone, as a method to reverse the effects of that first abortion pill.

Her baby boy was born healthy several months later.

The APR protocol utilizes progesterone to combat the effects of the first pill of a two-pill chemical/medical abortion. This regime has been successfully used with more than 2,000 women over a 12-year period. If a woman changes her mind about taking that first pill, studies show she has almost a 65 percent chance of saving the pregnancy if she starts progesterone within 72 hours.

True Care, like many pregnancy centers, offers APR, giving women another choice after taking the first abortion pill.

Women Have Choice

As a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you have a choice to make: continue the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy. You have a choice if you continue your pregnancy to either parent your child or to make an adoption plan. True Care educates you on all your options, and therefore, helps you make an informed decision.

If an unplanned pregnancy occurs, you may experience a variety of emotions: fear; shock; wonder; happiness (even if just for a few moments); uncertainty; concern. Our advocates and nurses are here to help you process those feelings. They will also give you answers to questions you may have, such as: What should I know about the abortion pill and/or the clinic I go to for the procedure? What are my rights as a patient? How far along am I in the pregnancy? Do I have an STD? What is an open adoption plan vs. a closed adoption plan? Where can I find parenting classes? Do I qualify for Medicaid? How can I successfully parent if I’m single? What rights does the father have?

You don’t have to walk this pregnancy journey by yourself. You are not alone as you walk your decision-making path. We provide information and resources on all your pregnancy options, and True Care doesn’t financially benefit from the pregnancy choice that you make. Our services, including ultrasound and limited STD testing, cost you nothing. Because we are donor-supported, all True Care services and programs are free for patients.

“Safe and Welcoming”

True Care staff members serve women with excellence. In addition to providing pregnancy options education, you will also receive a pregnancy test, ultrasound if that test is positive and our nurse determines you’re far enough along, and STD testing (and treatment if needed). Our medical team tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

True Care’s nurses are professionally trained and provide services under the direction of a physician. Our advocates are compassionate and listen to our patients’ concerns, fears, and situations. True Care offers resources for on-site programs and community organizations designed to help women who experience an unplanned pregnancy.

Women who have visited our center describe their experience in words like, “I felt loved, heard, and welcomed,” “They are personable and provide great service and care,” and “True Care is a very safe and welcoming place.”

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