Vaping Not Free of Dangers – Part 2

Last week, we highlighted the fact that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a warning concerning vaping, asking people who use the products to stop. This week, more deaths have been reported; an additional 800+ people have become ill from a lung disease attributed to vaping and e-cigarettes. The cause of this current outbreak

Vaping Not Free of Dangers: Health Officials Urge People to Stop

“People are dying from vaping and there’s hundreds of new cases each week of serious and fatal lung injuries from vaping,” Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Dr. Lee Norman said in a video on the agency’s website. At least seven other “probable/confirmed vaping related cases” have happened in that state alone. According to

Are E-cigarettes and Vaping Safe?

Are e-cigarettes and vaping safe?  Many people think so…at least they must be safer than smoking regular tobacco, right? Check out this quote from a pregnant Baby Center user: “I am new to the vaping but starting today I don’t feel half as guilty as I did puffing on a cigarette. I started with the lowest