Many agencies are working hard to prevent unplanned (especially teen) pregnancies.  There has been a lot of push towards something called LARC.

What is LARC?

Isn’t it a bird?

No, the bird is called a Lark, not a LARC.

LARC is an acronym that stands for Long Acting Reversible Contraception. Common contraceptives that fall under the LARC umbrella include IUDs (intra uterine devices) such as Mirena, Paragard and Skyla, as well as hormonal implants such as Nexplanon and Implanon. These contraceptive methods have a higher pregnancy prevention rate than many short acting contraceptives and are being pushed for both teens and adults.  In fact there is a program called LARC FIRSTwhich encourages providers to push LARC as a first line option for women and teens.

Should We Encourage Women to Use LARC?

True Care does not provide contraception or take a positional stand regarding contraceptive use. However we do strongly believe abstinence is the only way to prevent unplanned pregnacy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and therefore, abstinence needs to be pushed as the first choice for single women. Contraception comes with a set of risks and benefits that must be weighed carefully prior to use.