“The toughest job you’ll ever love,” was coined by the Peace Corps back in the 1970s and used in the organization’s advertising. Since then, other occupations, from teaching to politics, have used the phrase. Parenting, too, is considered the hardest job one will ever love.

Sources of Help

Many new moms have big fears about becoming a parent. Where once you had only yourself to take care of, now you’re responsible for the well-being of another human, a little person who cannot do much for himself.  From concerns about bonding to baby’s health, new parents experience anxiety over many things – that’s normal.  Here are a few ways to help alleviate some of the fears and worries a new parent experiences.

First, sign up for a parenting class. In Casper, there are several options. The Casper-Natrona County Health Department offers a Maternal-Child Health Service, including the Nurse-Family Partnership for first-time moms, providing home visits by a Registered Nurse, and the Welcome Home program, which supports all new mothers through home and phone visits by a Registered Nurse. Mercer Family Resource Center offers several programs for the community, including Love and Logic Parenting.  Here at True Care, we offer two programs for our patients:  Baby & Me is for our first time moms and Baby & Me Too is for the patients we see who have young ones already or those women who haven’t had a baby in several years and are concerned they “can’t do this again” – in each case we provide patients reassurance through education and emotional support. These programs are offered to True Care patients only, meaning a woman must have had her pregnancy test and confirmation of pregnancy done at our clinic.

Another way to relieve anxiety about becoming a new parent is to read articles and learn from other parents and from parenting experts. Many parenting blogs can be found online, and magazines, such as Parents, are also online as well as available through a home subscription or can be read at the local library.

You can also get advice from your pediatrician, from your own parents as well as from other relatives and from friends who are parents, learning from their experiences and examples.

Are you full of questions about becoming a mom? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and seek advice.

You’ll find some interesting new parenting tips at the following website: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/811642/10-newborn-tips-for-new-moms.

You’re Not Alone!

Don’t think you can’t do this “tough job?” Remember every experienced parent was a new parent once and has gone through some of the same worries and fears. Recognize and acknowledge your questions and concerns and seek assistance from others who can help you. Then, enjoy the ride with the precious life in your care as you embark upon the toughest job you’ll ever love!