Recovering from an abortion looks different for everyone. You may find that your emotions about the experience are more complex than you expected.

Abortion recovery isn’t easy, but you can find healing and move forward with your life. True Care Women’s Resource Center provides referrals to caring, compassionate abortion recovery services. You’ll get the help you need.

What Can I Expect With This Type of Program?

It’s understandable if you have some anxiety about sharing your abortion experience. But other women have been in your situation and found healing. Have courage in knowing that you can recover.

Women can experience adverse mental health effects after abortion, including depression and feelings of grief. Abortion recovery programs help you process those feelings and come to terms with your experience.

These programs are about helping you move forward. You won’t be shamed for having an abortion. Instead, you’ll receive emotional support and coping tools to help you move forward.

Abortion recovery programs may include:

  • Support groups: Share your experiences with other women in your shoes and process your feelings.
  • Emotional support: Navigating things like grief and depression can be challenging, and you might find yourself struggling at various points in your recovery journey. Whether you had an abortion recently or years ago, you’ll be listened to.
  • Counseling: Process your emotions and learn coping skills to use in your daily life. Whether this service is provided by a licensed counselor, volunteer, or other person depends on the individual program. Consider seeking professional counseling for ongoing mental health issues, especially if you require medication or specialized support.

How Will I Know That I’ve Recovered?

It’s difficult to identify when exactly you’ve “recovered” from an abortion. Healing isn’t linear, and emotional struggles can occur anytime after your experience—even when things seem to be going well.

But as you participate in an abortion recovery program, receive any needed professional counseling, and participate in self-care activities, you will find that it’s easier to process negative feelings.

With time, you can recognize that your experience has impacted you but still learn to enjoy life. You deserve to find peace and look forward to the future.

We’re Here For You

If you’ve had an abortion and are seeking healing, True Care Women’s Center will help you find an abortion recovery program. Our services are no-cost and confidential.

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