You’re staring at the positive pregnancy test on the counter, and your mind swirls with questions. Perhaps you’re wondering about your options or how quickly you became pregnant. If you have a partner, you may wonder how to tell them this news. 

Remember to take a deep breath. Talking to your partner can be frightening, but with proper guidance, you can tell them in a way that works for you and begin looking at all your options together. 

Some Things to Consider

Before deciding, consider why you may be afraid to tell your partner. Are you worried about their reaction, or are you concerned about something else? Some women have abusive partners that may make telling this news scary or even dangerous.

In this situation, your health and safety are of the utmost importance. You don’t have to tell your partner anything that may put you in a dangerous situation. If you choose to tell them, consider sharing the news in a public place and bringing a friend for support.

Sometimes leaving an abusive situation can be the most challenging step. The best thing to do is seek the professional support you deserve. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE for free, confidential help.

What Should I Do When Telling My Partner?

Remember that this pregnancy news is in your control. Choose a time to tell your partner that feels right when you are most prepared. Even if you are not in an abusive situation, consider bringing a trusted family member or friend along. Sometimes, having that extra person there makes all the difference.

Remember to listen to your partner when you give them the news. It is okay if it takes time to process or they feel confused or scared. An unexpected pregnancy is a lot to take in, and they may need a moment to consider what this means. Try your best to listen to their concerns and not take their reaction personally if they get upset. This is big news.

Consider accepting any help or support they offer, including an invitation to attend doctor’s appointments with you and research pregnancy options. Having their support as you decide what to do and tackling this together as a team can be very helpful.

Need Some Extra Guidance?

Talking through your options with someone is crucial in determining what to do next. At True Care Women’s Resource Center, we can speak to you and your partner about your pregnancy options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

Contact us today to request an appointment and learn more about our no-cost, confidential services. We’re here for you!