If you’ve taken mifepristone, the first abortion medication, and regret your decision, you’re not alone. Other women have changed their minds shortly after taking the drug. And there is hope.

The abortion pill reversal process may help you save your pregnancy. But you must act quickly. Contact the Abortion Pill Rescue Network as soon as possible to find a provider. Or contact True Care Women’s Resource Center for immediate help.

How Does APR Work?

Some women choose abortion for their unplanned pregnancies. Medical abortion terminates a viable pregnancy through ten weeks gestation with mifepristone and misoprostol.

Mifepristone blocks progesterone, while misoprostol causes uterine contractions and expels the pregnancy tissue. If you’ve taken mifepristone but not misoprostol, act quickly to increase your chances of saving the pregnancy.

With APR, a provider administers progesterone orally, vaginally, or by injection. A study found this hormone saved pregnancies in 64% of cases. But its effectiveness decreases the longer you wait.

Is This Safe?

Progesterone has been used safely to sustain pregnancies and reduce the risk of miscarriages for over 50 years. It is not known to cause birth defects at a rate higher than that of the general population.

However, before making any pregnancy decision, understand the risks involved. If you choose medical abortion and take mifepristone but not misoprostol, you may experience severe bleeding.

True Care Women’s Resource Center offers no-cost, limited obstetric ultrasounds at any gestational age and options counseling.

Regret Your Decision?

If you’ve taken mifepristone and regret your decision, help is available. Contact the Abortion Pill Rescue Network or True Care Women’s Resource Center for assistance.

Reach out to our center today for no-cost, confidential pregnancy services. We’re here for you.