“Finances are a big concern.” “I don’t have insurance.”  “I can’t afford a baby.”

These are some of the statements we hear from women who come to True Care. Finances play a big role in the decision between continuing a pregnancy or having an abortion. Did you know there’s various types of help available for pregnant women and single moms?

Resources to Assist Financially

Here are several ways to find financial help as a single mom:

  • Medicaid provides insurance for pregnant women. A single woman who makes less than $2,000 per month often qualifies for Medicaid, which not only pays for doctor visits, but also for labor and delivery and the child’s medical care up to one year after the baby is born. True Care’s Resource Coordinator, Cheryl, can pre-qualify our patients for this very helpful resource on-site.
  • Climb Wyoming and other career training programs assist single moms in the workforce. This non-profit organization creates programs for jobs that can be used anywhere, such as dental assistant, administrative assistant, CNA, and warehouse technician. These are jobs that not only can be used in and outside of Wyoming, but also can give a woman financial stability for herself and her child(ren).
  • Maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, and other items can be found through various community agencies and businesses. For example, you may find quality, used maternity and other clothing at thrift stores – why pay larger sums of money for items you only need for a short time? Diapers are often available through churches, like St. Mark’s Episcopal and other groups. True Care provides a listing of such Casper places and organizations for our patients.
  • Food assistance, including baby formula, is available through various organizations, such as Joshua’s Storehouse, Holy Cross Center, and many local churches.
  • Help in paying utilities and rent may be offered through organizations in town like Interfaith and Community Action Partnership. Also, housing options can be discussed with True Care’s Resource Coordinator.
  • Creating and maintaining a budget can help a pregnant, single woman stretch her funds. We all know the cost of living in Casper can be expensive, from food and gasoline to rent and utilities. Adding car insurance, phone service, and other payments can increase a person’s worry about making ends meet; therefore, developing and following a budget is a wise choice for everyone.

True Care is Here to Help

Finances are a struggle for many people. However, knowing there are ways to work with and potentially increase your income, organizations that assist during times of uncertainty and challenge, and that True Care can connect a pregnant woman with various helpful programs and groups does make a difference when wondering if you can financially afford a baby.

If you’re a woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, contact our Scheduling Line for your free appointment. Not only are the medical services free, but you’ll also receive a listing of these various community resources and can sign up for our Resource Program free of charge. We are here to help you – call or text 307-215-9684 to make your appointment today.

For more information on finances and single parenting, check out these websites: