First things first: everyone recovers differently after an abortion. The recovery process is unique to the individual, from side effects to varying emotional struggles. 

If you’ve had an abortion, prioritize rest and self-care during this time. Your body has experienced a significant event. Eating nourishing, healthy foods doesn’t guarantee an immediate recovery, but it can make the process easier.

Making Healthy Dietary Choices

A good rule of thumb is to avoid sugary, sodium-rich, or processed foods after any medical procedure. While they might make you feel better emotionally, they can also cause low energy, blood sugar fluctuations, bloating, and more.

Instead, consider the following options to aid in your post-abortion recovery:

1. Milk

Even if you were pregnant for a short time, drinking milk after an abortion procedure is a healthy choice for those who don’t have a milk allergy. Milk is rich in calcium and can replace lost nutrients. It also provides vitamins D and B.

The USDA  recommends you have three 8-ounce servings of milk every day.

2. Fish

Fish has significant nutritional benefits, including fatty acids and protein. Some good options are salmon, mackerel, and cod. 

Having one to two 6-ounce servings of fish every week can help ensure you receive the nutrients you need. 

3. Citrus Fruits

Option for citrus fruits like oranges instead of reaching for cookies or chocolate. Rich in vitamin C, these fruits can help heal tissues in your body. The antioxidants can also benefit your brain and nervous system, which could help you emotionally.

4. Vegetables (i.e., Broccoli, Carrots)

Vegetables are always good options after a medical event or procedure. For example, carrots help boost immunity as they’re high in vitamin A. Broccoli is rich in vitamin K, which assists your blood with the clotting process.

You should have 4 to 5 servings of vegetables every day. Steer clear of chips and French fries and reach for a vegetable instead. This is easier said than done, but it will help your long-term recovery.

5. Iron-Rich & High-Protein Foods

Iron-rich foods like spinach, beef, and fish can lower your chances of developing anemia. Abortion procedures cause bleeding, which can increase your risk of complications. These foods will help you safeguard your health.

High-protein foods like eggs, chicken, and beans are also beneficial. Eggs, in particular can assist with wound healing as they contain vitamins A, D, E, and K.

6. Water

Staying hydrated should be an integral part of your daily routine. Dehydration can cause illnesses to worsen and make you feel tired and weak. 

After an abortion, you should have 8-10 glasses of water or healthy beverages a day to replace lost fluids and minerals. 

Here For Your Healing Process

True Care Women’s Resource Center can connect you with an abortion recovery program. While all women have side effects after an abortion procedure, they may wrestle with emotional struggles like anxiety, depression, and grief.

Our no-cost services and referrals are confidential and focus on your well-being. You will be respected and treated without judgment. 

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