Prenatal vitamins:
Many women struggle to take prenatal vitamins.  For some, swallowing a large pill is almost impossible.  For others the difficulty is related to the “morning” sickness that can accompany the first trimester of pregnancy.  The struggle is real!  For me, “morning” sickness was really all day long sickness and lasted well into my second trimester. The prenatal vitamins made it worse.  Can I tell you a secret?  I didn’t always take my prenatals. (Horrible, I know!) I was just so sick.  And yes, I am a nurse.  I tell my patients how important taking these vitamins is for their pregnancy.  These vitamins can reduce risks for birth defects and low birth weight for unborn babies.   They also help mom’s immunity at a time when she can’t afford to be sick and run down.  So what do you do if you just can’t take them?

Enter Gummy Vitamins:

How I wish I had the option of prenatal gummies back when I was pregnant.  What an amazing creation.  I would have tried them for sure when I was so sick.  Prenatal gummy vitamins are a great option for women who are struggling to take regular prenatal pills. While gummies are a great invention, they are not created equal to the pills. The gummies don’t have iron in them and they have a lower level of some of the recommended vitamins then the regular pills.  Check out this article showing some of the limitations of prenatal gummies. So, while gummy prenatals are better than skipping your vitamins altogether, they are not as good as taking the traditional pills.

Check with Your Doctor:

Regular prenatal vitamins are recommended over gummy vitamins; however, if you are really having a hard time swallowing or keeping your prenatals down due to vomiting, be sure to check with your doctor about taking the gummies.  He or she may check your blood iron levels and recommend some additional supplements for you to take along with the