You may have heard this common warning from the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel when flooding occurs: “Turn around don’t drown!” The statement refers to encountering a flooded roadway and attempting to cross it in a vehicle. Any time water covers a roadway, driving through it is dangerous; a person could possibly be swept and drown. This can happen in just a few inches of water if the current is fast.

Can you think of life circumstances that feel like a flood … overwhelming and forcing you to stop and decide whether to proceed or to make a U-turn? We are traveling along the road of life and something threatens to sweep us off-course. Plans and goals are set and suddenly you are faced with an unexpected interruption, such as a surprise pregnancy. Almost half of all pregnancies are unintended. For some women, discovering they are pregnant feels like drowning. Is that you?

All is not lost. There are life preservers that can be thrown your way. There are resources out there that can help you navigate the waters of an unexpected pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant and you are in the Casper area, you can learn about your options, find out how far along you are, and discover many resources available to you by reaching out to True Care Women’s Resource Center.

Struggles will come during your life, those moments when you have to make a decision and choose a path. If you decide that it is time to change your course and head a different direction it can be difficult to turn yourself around. Here are some tips that will help you steer your life in a different direction:

  1. Build a strong support team around you, filled with people you can rely on to walk alongside you.
  2. Be intentional, ask them to hold you accountable in a certain area.
  3. Pick a variety of people with different expertise. For example, maybe there is a mother you admire for the way she treats her children or maybe you have a friend who is very healthy. Use them, pick their brains, and learn from them.
  4. Here is more advice on changing directions.

When you’re traveling this road of life and you sense danger ahead, don’t plow through; evaluate if you should turn around. Pay attention to the forecast ahead and evaluate which direction is the right way for you to go. And remember, there is help available.