Ahhh….Februay, the month of love.   Because of Valentine’s Day, this month has become a time to think about and ponder many topics relating to love and hearts.  Chocolates, pink and red hearts, sweet greeting cards for your special someone, and condoms?   According to Brownielocks.com, February is National Condom Month.  Yes we are going to talk about condoms.


National Condom Week

The week after Valentine’s Day has been designated National Condom Week.  Many organizations use this week to educate about the dangers of unprotected sex and talk about the importance of using condoms. The medical staff at True Care feels that condoms are often falsely elevated as the best way to prevent STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and pregnancy.  Did you know that condoms do not prevent STDs or pregnancy?  According the CDC, condoms can reduce your risk for STDs but cannot provide absolute protection.  The CDC goes on to say that the most reliable way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is by abstaining from sexual activity or maintaining a mutually monogamous relationship where both partners are free from disease.



True Care believes that for unmarried couples, abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent STDs and pregnancy.  With the many diseases out there, some of which are incurable such as HIV and Herpes, why put yourself at risk by having sex with a temporary partner?   Are a few moments of short-term pleasure worth the risk of a lifetime of dealing with medications, illness, and the possibility of death from an STD like HIV?  STDs are completely preventable by choosing to abstain from sex until you are ready to make that lifelong commitment to a partner who has been tested and is free from disease.

Remember the letter “A” for abstinence comes before “C” for condoms.   Abstinence is a better choice for your healthy future.