After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, there has been a lot of confusion about whether abortion is legal or illegal in each state. While abortion was initially made illegal in Wyoming after the overturning, a Wyoming judge has temporarily banned the overturning—meaning that abortion is, at least for the moment, legal in Wyoming. 

If you’re considering abortion, it’s important to arm yourself with the facts before making a decision. This will help protect your health. 

Read on to learn more about how abortion works, the associated risks, and what to do next. 

How Does Abortion Work?

There are two main types of abortion, and which one you get is usually determined by the age of your pregnancy. 

If your pregnancy is under 10 weeks, medical abortion (or the “abortion pill”) is an option. This involves taking two different drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, that work together to terminate a pregnancy and expel it from the uterus through the vagina. 

For any pregnancy that’s older than 10 weeks, surgical abortion is the other option when it comes to abortion. Surgical abortion involves opening the cervix so that a medical instrument can go into the uterus to remove the pregnancy. 

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

Both types of abortions are associated with risks. 

The risks of a medical abortion include but aren’t limited to:

  • Incomplete abortion (which is when parts of the pregnancy remain in your uterus)
  • Bleeding too much (also known as hemorrhaging) 
  • Infection (which can become life-threatening)

The risks of a surgical abortion include:

  • Cervical damage
  • Uterine perforation (which can lead to infection)
  • Uterine scarring (which can lead to painful menstrual periods or infertility)

What to Do Next

If you’re considering an abortion, getting an ultrasound is an important first step to take to protect your health. 

An ultrasound can help determine what options are available to you, as well as ensure that you’re not having a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. 

You’re Not Alone

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. We’re here for you. At True Care Women’s Resource Center, we offer no-cost, confidential pregnancy resources such as ultrasounds. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in a caring, non-judgmental environment.