Making a decision about your unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, especially if you feel unsure or overwhelmed. Depending on your gestational age, you might have chosen medical abortion or the “abortion pill.”

Some women experience regret after taking mifepristone, the first abortion pill medication. If this is you, are you questioning whether you can reverse the process? There is hope; it may not be too late to save your pregnancy. 

Abortion Pill Reversal Process

You may reverse the effects of mifepristone by undergoing the abortion pill reversal process. A medical provider will prescribe progesterone, the hormone that sustains a pregnancy. The progesterone is administered by injection, orally, or vaginally. 

One study found that progesterone saved pregnancies in 64% of cases, so this may be a viable option for you. Using progesterone to reduce the risk of miscarriage and support pregnancies has been employed for decades. 

It is vital to act quickly, as this method’s effectiveness decreases the longer you wait. The Abortion Pill Reversal Network can connect you with a participating provider and give valuable information about the process. 

Is Taking Progesterone Risky?

Progesterone is not known to cause risks like birth defects at a rate higher than the general population, meaning it is safe. But taking abortion pill medications is risky, which you should consider before choosing abortion. Severe bleeding can occur if you take mifepristone and not misoprostol; some women have been hospitalized. 

If you haven’t made a pregnancy decision, ensure you fully understand your options, including the risks and side effects of abortion. As abortion is illegal in WA, you would need to travel out of state for a procedure or medications. This can become costly and result in missing employment hours.

You can also protect your health with an obstetric ultrasound, which will alert you to pregnancy conditions that could require treatment. True Care Women’s Resource Center provides no-cost, limited obstetric ultrasounds for your convenience.

We Can Help You

Do you regret taking mifepristone? It may not be too late. We offer no-cost, confidential abortion pill reversal services. We’re here for you.

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