Question:  Can I still be pregnant even if I got my period?

When a woman is concerned about an unplanned pregnancy, getting her period can be a huge relief.   Traditionally getting your period is a sign that you are not pregnant.

The problem is that some women can have bleeding during their pregnancy.  Early pregnancy bleeding can trick a woman into thinking she had her period when
she did not.  About a week after conception, the newly conceived little life implants into the rich lining of the uterus and sometimes causes bleeding or spotting.  This is called implantation bleeding.   Usually the bleeding is lighter and shorter than during a woman’s period.

How can I know if I am Pregnant?

If your “period” is lighter, shorter and a little earlier than usual, be sure to take a home pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant.  Be aware of symptoms you may be having that could indicate you are pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms in very early pregnancy include:  

Sore or swollen breasts. Most women notice tender and swollen breasts one to two weeks after conception even before a missed period.  This can be mistaken for pre-menstrual tenderness but is usually much more pronounced.

Fatigue is another early pregnancy symptom which can be noticed before your missed period.  Not knowing why you are so tired and just wanting to lay down and take a nap could be a sign you need a pregnancy test.

More pregnancy symptoms include nausea, frequent urination, darkening skin around your nipples, sensitivity to odors, mild cramps (less than during your period), mood swings and headaches.

Worrying about a possible pregnancy can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  Be aware of the early symptoms and take a home pregnancy test if you have any doubts so you can know for sure.   For an unplanned pregnancy, call True Care at 307-215-9684 to get scheduled for a free pregnancy test and pregnancy options consultation.

If you do have a positive pregnancy test and experience bright red bleeding, clots and/or pain (more than you have during a regular period) please see a doctor right away as these can be signs of serious complications.