Adoption can be tricky to navigate, especially if you’ve experienced second thoughts throughout pregnancy. It’s normal to go back and forth during the process, especially if you have thought about parenting before. 

As the birth mother, you always have the legal right to change your mind about the adoption before completing the paperwork. This means you can make a different decision early in your pregnancy or even after giving birth. 

What You’re Entitled To

Firstly, no one can force you to place your child in another family if you change your mind before the process is complete. Birth mothers change their minds for various reasons, all of which are valid. There are other rights you have during this process, including:

1. Receiving Pregnancy Options Information

Before making a pregnancy decision, you deserve accurate, fact-based information on all your options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. It is essential to understand the side effects and possible risks of abortion procedures, as well as the support services you can receive if you choose adoption or parenting

2. Having Financial Support During Your Pregnancy

You should never be expected to pay for any adoption service. The adoption agency or intended parents should cover all aspects of the process. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive material assistance for items like maternity clothing, financial assistance for housing and rent, and emotional support like counseling.

3. Having Legal Representation and Understanding Your Adoption Rights

You do not need to sign your adoption paperwork until you are comfortable with your decision. Moreover, you are entitled to an adoption attorney who will explain all aspects of the adoption process, including your parental rights. You get to ask any questions you may have. Being adequately informed is a crucial part of the process.

Have Questions About Adoption?

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