Do you think you’re pregnant? Are you considering abortion? Perhaps you’ve taken a home pregnancy test, received a positive result, and you don’t want to be pregnant. Your first thought is abortion so you start researching on where you can get one.

STOP! Your first thought needs to be, “Am I really pregnant?”

Home Pregnancy Tests and Accuracy

Home pregnancy tests are easy to obtain, and many are easy to read. But, did you know a positive home pregnancy test doesn’t necessarily mean you have a viable pregnancy or that you are even pregnant? Pregnancy tests work by measuring levels of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (Hcg); this hormone is produced by cells in the placenta and also can be produced by tumor cells within the ovary.

Many home tests claim 99% accuracy. Most of the time these tests are accurate; however false positives have been known to happen. These false positives can be from faulty tests (rare), reading a test after the time limit given in the directions, taking certain medications containing Hcg, or a medical condition that creates Hcg in your body such as a tumor, miscarriage, or molar pregnancy. True Care’s nurses use laboratory-quality urine pregnancy tests and also provide an ultrasound if a test is positive to confirm a viable pregnancy.

Before You Get An Abortion

You owe it to yourself to have the best information possible before you have an abortion. True Care provides that – free of charge.

  1. Know for sure if you’re pregnant and if the pregnancy is viable. Could you be miscarrying or experiencing an ectopic pregnancy? Twenty percent or more of pregnancies end on their own via miscarriage. True Care’s nurses offer an ultrasound to patients who have a positive pregnancy test. An ultrasound determines if the pregnancy is viable – that means, there’s a baby in the uterus with a heartbeat. There is also a chance for an ectopic pregnancy, which is a serious medical situation and requires prompt medical care.
  2. Know how far along you are. Knowing this determines the type of abortion procedure you qualify for. An ultrasound exam can tell you how far along you are.  Some women believe they are only five to six weeks along, and during the ultrasound, they learn they are much further into their pregnancy. Some have been 18 weeks or more. The abortion pill cannot be taken after 10 weeks; instead, a surgical procedure is done.

Learn more about the medical portion of a True Care appointment by watching this short video:

Contact True Care for Your Free Appointment

These are a few things to consider before having an abortion. Unlike abortion clinics, True Care offers all services free of charge. Therefore, if you take pregnancy test and see a positive result, take a deep breath and contact our Scheduling Line at 307-215-9684.

Know your situation before making an abortion appointment. We will answer the questions you have and provide you the free, confidential medical services that you need.