Have you been somewhere, such as the driver’s license bureau, and had to “take a number?” You won’t experience that at True Care!

The staff at our center believe in treating you like the special person you are. Our compassionate advocates and nurses spend time learning about YOU, and from the questions they ask and the listening they do, they discover how best to help YOU. At True Care, your needs, your fears, your concerns, your situation, your health are important – YOU are important. At True Care, you’re a person, not a number.

The care and compassion of our staff are reflected in comments from patients about the services received at True Care. These comments come from the Exit Surveys our patients are asked to fill out after their initial appointments. Here are some recent ones:

“Friendly, informational and confidential.”
“Caring and non-judgmental.”

“Professional and kind.”
“Very helpful people!”

“Amazing people!”

Our medical staff is made up of registered nurses trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound. Our Medical Director is Dr. Drew Woodward, a local physician, who oversees all the medical services we offer. Our Resource Coordinator is also a nurse who works closely with the many community agencies we refer our patients to; she also helps patients who qualify navigate the Medicaid maze. Our advocates are trained laypersons committed to assisting our patients traveling the journey of pregnancy.

When you visit True Care for your unplanned pregnancy, know that we will treat you with dignity and professionalism. We will not judge nor push you into making a certain decision about your pregnancy. We provide you with education on all pregnancy options, and we don’t profit from your decision regarding the outcome of your pregnancy.

We are committed to caring for you as a whole person. You’re not a number at True Care; you are an individual person. We care about you and we are here to help you.

If you need our services, please call or text our Scheduling Line at 307-215-9684.