When some people think of ‘adoption,’ they consider these and other words as part of the vocabulary:


The Option of Adoption

Adoption is an emotional choice for all involved.  A woman who chooses adoption feels that the baby within her deserves to live, grow and have a family that will love and support the child better than she is able to.  Some may not agree with her choice, and the pregnant woman will have to face the reactions of people in her life, including her friends, parents, and siblings.

One of the greatest fears for young women who are thinking of making an adoption plan for their baby is that they will never know what happened to their child or know if the child is happy or loved. Adoptions used to be “closed,” meaning the birth mother knew nothing about the adoptive parents or the outcome of her child’s life. But, today, that doesn’t have to be the case. Many birth mothers choose “open” adoptions or “semi-open” plans, which means the birth mother has contact (as much or little as she desires) with the adoptive family and with her child.

According to ChildWelfare.gov, the adoption rate among American adults has steadily decreased during the past several years, from more than 140,000 children in 2001 to less than 120,000 in 2012. The organization’s report also indicates that the number of intercountry and public agency adoptions decreased as well. According to AdoptiveFamilies.com, less than two percent of single mothers place their children up for adoption, likely due to the disgrace of single parenthood dramatically decreasing over the decades.

A Patient’s Reasons

Finances were a significant reason a recent True Care patient chose adoption.

“The couple I chose is financially stable. If I had been more financially stable, I could have raised three kids,” said 30-year-old Mindy (not her real name), who has a toddler and a teenager at home.

The other reason she chose adoption was to provide her child with a two-parent home.

“I wanted my baby to have both a mom and a dad,” she said.

Adoption is a very selfless, loving, and positive response to an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption offers a birth mother the ability to provide her child with many resources she may not be able to provide, such as financial security and a two-parent stable family environment. When such a loving decision is made, one in which the birth mother sacrifices her own desire for the welfare of her child, a crisis pregnancy can have a happy ending.

However, like parenting and abortion, there are challenges, oftentimes emotional ones, that go with adoption.            For birth moms considering adoption as an option to their unplanned pregnancy, Mindy said the reality is the choice isn’t easy. None of the three pregnancy options a woman has is easy. However, for those wanting to give life to their child and yet feeling unable to care for the baby due to finances or other situations, Mindy advised, “It’s a process. You’re not always prepared for the emotions – be prepared to not be prepared, and that’s okay.”

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