Do you dream of a better life? Finances play a critical role in improving a person’s life. A good-paying job allows opportunity to buy and furnish a home, offers more freedom to travel, and provides the ability to help family and community. However, such a job requires skills and education.

Career training, industrial knowledge, and a high school and/or college education give a person more options for employment and the ability to earn more income. For example, a welder in Wyoming can make close to $55,000 a year; fast food workers, on the other hand, make $18,000 to $22,000. Obtaining a high school diploma, a college degree, skill training and knowledge for a specific job (like welding, auto mechanics, medical transcription, etc.) improves a person’s options and income.

Effects of Not Graduating High School

The high school graduation rate in Wyoming rose slightly during the past few years, from lows in the 77 percent range to last year’s increase to nearly 82 percent. Graduation for girls remains higher than boys by nearly four percent. Why are these statistics important? Because having a high school diploma sets a person several steps ahead income- and health-wise of those without that piece of paper.

Studies show that people without a high school diploma earn less money than those with one. That lower income can plague a person’s health and even result in an earlier death.  According to The, “The poverty rate for dropouts is over twice as high as college grads, which may also be a contributing factor to poor health.” Additionally, The National Dropout Prevention Center reported that an average of 70 percent of prisoners in American jails dropped out of high school, and those who don’t complete high school are more likely to need public assistance in order to make ends meet.

Can You Go to School While Pregnant or a Single Mom?

Pregnant women may think they cannot complete school, but that assumption is false. Colleges, universities, and high schools across the country help pregnant women and single moms complete their education. Whether you attend in-person or online, seeking and receiving a degree is possible. Many women with children accomplish a higher education, including law school. Being pregnant doesn’t keep you from attaining the better life that school and employment can provide.

There are many organizations that desire to assist women do just these things, and True Care can help. We provide you with resources if you want to obtain your GED (now called the High School Equivalency credential), complete a college degree, or find career training.

Poverty in Wyoming

According to the organization Talk Poverty, Wyoming ranks 19th in the percentage of people who have incomes below the national poverty level. People of Native American and Latino descent are at greatest risk. Additionally, more than 13 percent of Wyoming women of working age (18 – 64) fall below the poverty line. That doesn’t have to be you.

As high school and college graduations occur this month throughout Wyoming and the nation, consider your financial future. What are your goals and dreams? Would you like to improve your life and the life of your family? If you didn’t graduate high school, you can attain that goal with the High School Equivalency credential. If you want to gain skills in a specific career, look into job training programs, such as Climb Wyoming. If you want to start a business, talk with representatives from Wyoming Women’s Business Center. If you desire to go to college, look at Casper College, the University of Wyoming, or others throughout the state – or look into online options from these or other universities. Scholarships are available for single mothers.

True Care Can Help

We are here to help you. If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, contact our Scheduling Line at 307-215-9684 to make your free appointment. After your initial visit, you can talk with our Resource Coordinator who can put you in touch with organizations that can help you finish your schooling or go into a career training program.

Women are brave, strong, and capable – we can do what we set our minds upon. True Care is here to guide and assist you.