Why get a Confirmation Ultrasound?

True Care patients with a positive pregnancy test who meet certain medical criteria are routinely offered an ultrasound to provide important information about their pregnancy.  While many women are excited to have an ultrasound and see their unborn baby, some women, especially if they are considering the option of abortion, are nervous and may wonder if they should even receive an ultrasound.  Here are the reasons we provide ultrasound.

1. To Check Viability

A viable pregnancy means we can see a baby, with a heartbeat, in the woman’s uterus.  Sometimes a woman may have a positive pregnancy test (HCG hormone in her urine) but have a medical complication going on.  Reasons we might not be able to confirm a viable pregnancy include miscarriage, ectopic pregnancymolar pregnancy or an ovarian germ cell tumor.  All of these conditions require that a woman see a physician as soon as possible.

2. For Accurate Dating

We can measure the baby to determine how far along a woman is in her pregnancy. If a woman has irregular periods, had some spotting and thought it was her period, or doesn’t remember when her last period was, she will not know how far along she is.  Accurate dating helps her know who the father is, know what type of procedure she would need to have if she chooses abortion, and helps a woman know when the baby will arrive.  Doctors also need to know dating so they can manage any complications during the pregnancy.

3. To Find Multiple Gestations

More than one?   Huge shock for Mom.  We have seen quite a few sets of twins at True Care.  We are still waiting to see triplets.   More than one baby means that a woman has a higher risk for pregnancy complications and she needs to be seen by her doctor right away.

4. To Understand Fetal Development

In a survey of post abortive women conducted by David Reardon, nearly 90% of the women expressed that they were not given enough information to make an informed decision about their abortion.  Many also said they were not given information about fetal development.  What better way for them to understand the development of their unborn baby than to see it on ultrasound?

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