A woman considering abortion owes it to herself to have an ultrasound prior to her abortion procedure. There are a number of medical and personal reasons why this is important.

Here are four reasons a woman should have an ultrasound prior to getting an abortion and why True Care Women’s Resource Center provides ultrasound service:

  1. Check Viability – A viable pregnancy means the nurse can see a baby with a heartbeat in the woman’s uterus – where it belongs.  Sometimes a woman may have a positive pregnancy test (HCG hormone in her urine) but have a medical complication going on. She needs to know if she may be experiencing a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancymolar pregnancy or an ovarian germ cell tumor. All of these conditions require a pregnant woman see a physician as soon as possible. Our nurses have seen miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies during ultrasound, and each patient has been referred to a physician or the hospital’s emergency room for the care they required.
  2. Due Date – A woman who has irregular periods, has had some spotting and thought it was her period, or doesn’t remember when her last period was, may not know how far along she is.  Our nurses measure the baby to determine how far along she is in her pregnancy. Accurate dating helps the patient know what type of abortion procedure she would have should she make that decision. Accurate dating also helps her know who the father is and the due date of her child. Doctors also need to know dating so they can manage any complications during the pregnancy.
  3. Fetal Development – In a survey done by David Reardon of women who experienced abortion, many study participants said they wished they had been given more information about fetal development prior to the abortion. These women felt if they have been given information about their baby’s development, they might have made a different choice.  What better way for women to understand the development of their unborn than to have an ultrasound?
  4. One or More – More than one baby can be a huge shock for a new mom.  We have seen several sets of twins at True Care. Twins and triplets mean a more complicated and expensive abortion procedure. It also means a woman likely has a higher risk for pregnancy complications and, therefore, she needs to be seen by her doctor quickly.

Ultrasound Provides Needed Information

It’s important that a woman receives enough information about her pregnancy to make an informed decision about her options. In Reardon’s book, Silent No More, more than 90% of women surveyed felt they did not have enough information to make an “informed choice.” Having an ultrasound gives a woman considering abortion the pregnancy information and options understanding she needs so she can make the best decision possible for her circumstances.

Located in Casper, Wyoming, True Care provides free pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasound for patients who test positive and meet certain medical criteria, as well as free limited STD testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and treatment for those women who are positive for either disease.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, give our Scheduling Line a call or text (307-215-9684) to set up your free appointment.