Having a healthy pregnancy is not rocket-science, yet many women continue risky behavior and wonder why they don’t feel well when pregnant. Additionally, using alcohol and drugs can be harmful to a woman’s unborn.

Your pregnancy will benefit greatly from personal attention to your overall health and your body. Actions such as quitting smoking, avoiding drugs (including marijuana), and eliminating alcohol, will also improve how you feel.

Here are four self-care tips, ways to keep you and your baby most healthy. Remember, though, this list is not a substitute for advice from your health care professional.

  • Eat a balanced diet – You only need 300 additional calories (equivalent to one small snack) to support both you and your growing baby; however the food you eat does need to be nutritious (not just empty calories). Eating a nourishing, balanced diet and taking your prenatal vitamins will help you and your baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. Avoid dieting during this time.
  • Keep moving – Aim for 2 1/2 hours of heart-elevating activity spread throughout the week.
  • Cigarettes and other substances – The use of tobaccoalcohol and illegal drugs are strongly discouraged during pregnancy by the Centers for Disease Control, March of Dimes, and other professional organizations. You should also contact your doctor to find out if any of your current prescription or over-the-counter medications are a risk factor for your baby.
  • Stress – Some stress during pregnancy is normal, just as it is in life. However, other types of stress, including external factors like an abusive relationship, can put your pregnancy at risk; seek professional assistance, such as a counselor, if you’re struggling with high stress levels, or if you are in a volatile relationship contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline or the Self Help Center here in Casper.

Think you may be pregnant but the pregnancy hasn’t been confirmed? If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, contact True Care for a free appointment. Our nurses will run a pregnancy test, and if your test comes back positive, they will offer you an ultrasound as well as provide STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Additionally, our Resource Coordinator can assist you with many resources, such as a quit smoking program and help for addictions.

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