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Should LARC be a Woman’s First Choice for Pregnancy Prevention?

Many agencies are working hard to prevent unplanned (especially teen) pregnancies.  There has been a lot of push towards something called LARC. What is LARC? Isn’t it a bird? No, the bird is called a Lark, not a LARC. LARC is an acronym that stands for Long Acting Reversible Contraception. Common contraceptives that fall under … Continued

I Would Know if I had an STD, Right?

I Would Know if I had an STD, Right? The truth is, most people don’t really think bad stuff will happen to them.  STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) just happen to other people in statistics.  And you are pretty smart.  You would know if your boyfriend or girlfriend had an STD, right?  And wouldn’t you know … Continued

4 Reasons You Need a Confirmation Ultrasound for Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Why get a Confirmation Ultrasound? True Care patients with a positive pregnancy test who meet certain medical criteria are routinely offered an ultrasound to provide important information about their pregnancy.  While many women are excited to have an ultrasound and see their unborn baby, some women, especially if they are considering the option of abortion, … Continued

Coerced Abortion

Coercion and Abortion Should not my “right to choose” abortion also give me, the pregnant woman, the right to carry and deliver my baby if I so desire?   She called our scheduling line and explained that her husband was forcing her to have an abortion.  She didn’t want to abort but didn’t know what … Continued

How to Read a Pregnancy Test

Home Pregnancy Test Tips Walking through a store looking for a pregnancy test can be daunting because there are so many different kinds. Don’t stress over which one to buy…any pregnancy test bought from a reputable store should work just fine. At home urine pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of a hormone called … Continued

Birth Control and Breast Cancer

Can birth control pills increase a woman’s chance for breast cancer? A recent study of women in Seattle showed a significant increase in the risk of breast cancer in women who take birth control pills with high-estrogen levels. Study This study, conducted by researchers with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and funded by … Continued

The Effects of Abortion: A Woman’s Story

Abortion can have major side effects, physical and emotional, for women who have gone through the termination of their pregnancy. This is the true story of a young woman in Casper who had an abortion and the after-effects she experienced. My Story It was the Christmas morning that changed my life.  I was just 15 … Continued

Types of Abortion

What is Abortion? According to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary, abortion is:  “the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus” There are two general categories of abortion.  Our focus will be on induced abortions rather than spontaneous abortions, however it is good to know … Continued

Five Things You Need to Know in an Unplanned Pregnancy

Five Things You Need to Know in an Unplanned Pregnancy Unplanned pregnancies are often called crisis pregnancies. The word crisis comes from the Greek Krisis which means decision.  The crisis pregnancy is a crossroads of change in a woman’s life which requires a decision to be made that affects her entire future. Here are five things … Continued

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