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Will Having An Abortion Now Hurt My Chances to Have Children in the Future?

October 5th 2018

A medical procedure can have unpleasant effects on a person. Abortion is a medical procedure, and therefore, can impact a woman’s health, including future pregnancies. Complications can arise from an induced abortion, such as infection and damage to the uterus; these are primary causes of fertility risk to women who might desire to have children in the future. There are other factors and concerns as well.

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Suicide Prevention – Help Yourself, Help Others

September 13th 2018

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and September is considered Suicide Prevention Month. Each year, nearly 45,000 Americans die by suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death in this country. Wyoming is not immune. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, our state ranks third highest for suicide in the United States. If you or someone you care about is considering suicide, or if you suffer from depression due to the change in weather or other cause, help is available. Read our blog post to discover ways to help yourself or someone you love.

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Wellness Wisdom for Women

August 30th 2018

As we prepare for another month and a new season, one question we can ask ourselves is: how well are we? A lot is asked of us, and we often need to manage many things at once. However, we also often sacrifice our own health, both physical and emotional, to manage those numerous things, including meet others’ needs. Such juggling and caregiving often causes stress. When we women experience stress, it can affect both our physical and emotional health. Find encouragement on today's blog post about managing stress, developing courage and confidence, and keeping yourself healthy emotionally as well as physically.

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Don't Drown in Life

August 17th 2018

You may have heard this common warning from the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel when flooding occurs: “Turn around don’t drown!” Can you think of life circumstances that feel like a flood? For some women, discovering they are pregnant feels like drowning. But, there are life preservers out there, including True Care. Read on to learn more.

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Man Flu is Real!

August 2nd 2018

Have you seen the jokes about man-flu?  Apart from just wanting a little extra sympathy when they are sick, men may really have more severe and longer cases of illness with viral infections than women.  Scientific studies show that the female hormone estrogen provides some protection against that men don't have.  

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A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner Is Possible

July 27th 2018

Is the relationship you have with your partner a healthy one? Do you communicate well? Do you fight fairly? Learn more about having a healthy relationship and discover resources you might find useful as you read the story of one woman's journey from toxic relationships and bad choices to a healthy 25-year-long companionship.

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Me Too ... Many

July 20th 2018

The phrase “Me Too” showed up on social media in October of 2017, and immediately went viral.  Within 24 hours, the hashtag had been shared more than half a million times on Twitter. The slogan and stories received 12 million Facebook posts. “Me too” has become a mantra to draw attention to the issues of sexual assault and harassment, particularly in the work place. Have you had a “Me Too” experience in your past? There are people and resources to help you -- you don't need to keep the secret. Read our post to learn more.

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Future Fingernail Polish Could Save You From Date Rape

June 28th 2018

Summer -- a wonderful time of year when the weather warms and we get outside and enjoy visits to the lake, picnics in the park, hikes on the mountain, and family/friends’ barbeques. However, such outings and experiences can come with hazards.Often drinking goes hand-in-hand with summer activities. We may have arranged a designated driver or Uber to get home, but how do we stay safe from a person putting something in our drinks? There are many clever ways under development which can test to see if a drug has been added to a drink. Read our post to learn more.

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