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Women Helping Women

April 19th 2018

Are women their sisters’ keeper? Many would say yes. Women are relational – their instinct is to be compassionate and caring. We women enjoy being in community together and we rely upon each other. April is Women Helping Women Heal Month, and here at True Care, we are here to help women who experience unplanned pregnancies. Learn more about women helping women, and how True Care is doing just that!

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Medical Abortion and Abortion Pill Reversal

March 15th 2018

Women facing unplanned pregnancies have two options: to terminate the pregnancy or to carry the pregnancy to term. According to researchers on abortion in America, about 45 percent of all pregnancies were unplanned in 2011; about four out of ten of those were terminated by abortion. Women facing unplanned pregnancies have two options: to terminate the pregnancy or to carry the pregnancy to term. If a woman is less than 10 weeks along, she may be able to take the abortion pill (a medical abortion) if she chooses abortion. Also called RU486, this pill is a combination of two different medications taken over a few days to cause an abortion. Within the past ten years, a medical protocol was developed to reverse the progression of RU486; the procedure is called Abortion Pill Reversal, and that regime of using progestrone is now available at True Care.

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Is Marijuana Safe?

February 28th 2018

What could be wrong with using marijuana? It is supposed to help with pain control, nausea, and even increase a cancer patient’s appetite.  Plus it is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Looking around online, it is hard to find actual research suggesting marijuana is not safe.  Many young people swear there is nothing wrong with it.  So why do all the doctors and adults say it is bad for you? 

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Influenza Outbreak “Epidemic,” Experts Say

February 21st 2018

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t learn about additional flu deaths in the U.S. – this season seems particularly harsh, and Wyoming is not immune. During the past few weeks, our state continued to experience a high rate of hospitalizations and other impacts from the flu, What can people do to try to prevent themselves from getting sick? And, what should you do if you or someone you care about gets the flu?

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Research Indicates Women Who Have Abortions May Have a Higher Risk of Emotional Health Issues

February 1st 2018

Research conducted during the past 10 years shows that many women who have experienced abortion may be affected emotionally. The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons recently published the findings of a study on the emotional after effects of abortion. Interviewing 987 women who sought after-abortion care, researchers discovered the majority of them found nothing positive had come from their abortion and learned many experienced negative side effects, including depression and feelings of low self-worth. Other research studies show similar results. Read this blog post to learn more -- and educate yourself on the potential emotional side-effects of abortion.

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What is "The Clap?"

January 24th 2018

What is “The Clap?”

While sitting at a local diner, you overhear a conversation directly behind you.  “Did you know Ja--- (too garbled to hear the name) has the clap? His poor girlfriend.  I knew he was bad news from the get go.  Oh how terrible.” You can’t quite hear the name but you definitely hear that word “Clap.”   The people are speaking in hushed voices and a tone suggesting they are imparting some delicious morsel of scandalous information.  “What is the clap?” you wonder.  You have heard the term before and think it may be some kind of STD, but you aren’t certain.

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Confused About Abortion Pill Reversal?

January 11th 2018


“I don’t understand Abortion Reversal.”  A very confused face looked back at me.  “How can you reverse an abortion?  Isn’t the baby already dead and, you know, vacuumed out?”  My teen daughter was trying to imagine how you could reverse a surgical abortion. Her brain was having trouble because she didn’t understand the different types of abortion and what Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) actually is.  

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Is Uterine Transplant a Real Thing?

December 21st 2017

Earlier this month a new option became a reality in the United States for women struggling with uterine anomalies.  For the first time in our country, a live healthy baby was born from a woman enrolled in an experimental uterus transplant program at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas

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