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Could you be one of "Those People," who get STDs?

June 22nd 2017

Could you be one ot "those people?"  Yes....those people. The ones who have STDs. Society stereotypes them as dirty, unhygenic, cheaters, bad people. The reality is people with STDs are normal people just like you and me. In fact, if you have been sexaully active, you may very well be one of them. 

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What is True Care? What do We Do?

June 8th 2017

 True Care Women’s Resource Center has been Casper’s place to go for women facing an unplanned pregnancy for 30 years. Perhaps you have seen our building or have driven past a True Care billboard and wondered what we actually do. Here is the scoop about who we are and what we do.

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Should Hormonal Birth Control be Over-the-Counter?

May 17th 2017

If contraceptives help prevent pregnancy and are proven to be safe and effective for even teens to use over-the-counter, then why are they still prescription only?

There are some significant risks and potential side effects associated with hormonal birth control. It is important for a woman to understand those risks before starting on any birth control pills.

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Celebrate National Nurses Week

May 11th 2017

This week is National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate those special health care workers who serve humankind with compassion, dedication, and professionalism.

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Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy

April 27th 2017

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a significant yet preventable social and health issue and affects millions of people no matter their age or background. Women who are pregnant and those who have abortions are impacted as well. In fact, studies show that the more abortions a woman has, the more likely she is to experience IPV. Read our blog to find out more and to learn how to keep yourself safe if you're involved in an abusive relationship.

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Spring Allergies Affect Many, Including Pregnant Women

April 20th 2017

The arrival of spring brings natural beauty and also small, and large, irritants: like allergies. People can be allergic to pollen, dust, insects, and other things. There are a variety of ways to treat allergies, but not all are good for pregnant women. Read this week's post to find out how to control your allergies, whether you are pregnant or not.

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Can the Abortion Pill be Reversed?

April 5th 2017

Wyoming’s neighbor, Utah, recently enacted a law that will begin May of 2017 requiring that abortion providers let their patients know that a medical abortion may be reversible. That's crazy...can abortion really be reversed?  Find out more in our weekly blog.

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What is a Functional Ovarian Cyst and Should I be Worried?

March 1st 2017


As I scan my patients, I often come across a cyst on one of the woman’s ovaries.  If I mention the cyst, my patients tend to become worried, wondering what that means….a cyst on the ovary.  Functional cysts are common in women during their reproductive years.

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