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True Care Now Offers Abortion Pill Reversal

Women who have made the decision to abort their pregnancies, taken the first abortion pill, and regret what they've done have a chance to reverse their abortion -- and True Care can help.

True Care Women's Resource Center now offers abortion pill reversal. This is a new treatment for women who have started a chemical (or medication) abortion and regret that decision. Many people don’t realize that the Abortion Pill can sometimes be reversed. The reversal process is called Pregnancy Sustaining Progesterone Therapy (PSPT) or Abortion Pill Reversal, and in about 50 percent of cases, a woman goes on to deliver a healthy baby. Contact True Care's Scheduling Line at 307-215-9684 if you or someone you know has experienced a medical abortion in the last 72 hours and haven't taken the second pill.

Continue to our blog to learn more about Abortion Pill Reversal.

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Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe During July 4 and Afterward

The first six months of 2017 evaporated, and July has now arrived. The July 4th holiday often means picnics, fireworks, and other outdoor activities; these endeavors, while filled with family and fun, can lead to disasters. Read our blog post this week which provides several tips to keep yourself, your children, and your other family members safe, not only during this celebration week, but during the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo and throughout the summer months.

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Six Summer Safety Tips, from Sun to Sex

Summer officially began last week, and with the July 4th holiday weekend approaching, there are many concerns to consider regarding a person’s wellbeing. From sun to sex, we have six summer safety tips for you. Read this week's blog to learn more.

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